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All commissions, gifts and requests people have drawned for me! Can never thank you all enough :iconbigheartplz:

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Type; Sci-fi
Format; Fiction
Writer; Lanokir
Artist; MyangHime
A project started over a year ago, a story that will follow the unlikely heroine Nino Garnet through her adventures in the world.

A future based world, where you can find mechs, monsters and supernatural powers in one hardboiled mix!


Type; Sport/Slice of life
Format; Fiction
Writer; Lanokir
Artist; MyangHime
A new project, following a group of women that forms a Ghostball team, in their way to change themselves and become a great team!


Type; Post-Apocalyptic
Format; Fiction
Writer; Lanokir
Artist; ----
The earth have been nearly destroyed by a meteor rain, and the radioactivity that came there after. The story follow a young Digger and his friend, a Waste Worker, as they try to survive the harsh underground they live in, as well the darkness within their hearts.

Tales from Eos

Type; Fantasy/Erotic
Format; Fiction/Story pics
Writer; Lanokir
Artist; ----
Started as a random thought, and here it is now; based in a fantasy world with mages, knights and monsters, where adventure lurks in the corner, as well passionate romances ~

Still in a planning stage, however, hope to get it worked out soon. Most of the material will be uploaded on HF duo some not being fitted for dA.


The Dragon War - Fantasy based with lot of dragons!
I Will Not Die - A reality based zombie apocalypse with a bit of twist!

Bleach - The Lanoverse

My Alternative Universe

Been working on my own Bleach AU for a while, however will I not finish it duo lack of interest, time and money. However, all characters will be left and will be worked on now and then as a side-project!


Captain-Commander - Kenpachi Tekken
Vice-Commander - Aichi Ryusei
D1 C - Hoshidukiyo Mokinmaru [AlbinoEisbaer]
D1 Lt - Amagaeru Kiba
D2 C - Nakajima Kujira
D2 Lt - Himawari Eri [AlbinoEisbaer]
D3 C - Asamoya Zabuza
D3 Lt - Sagaru Hanabie
D4 C - Hanami Sakura
D4 Lt - Himawari Nobara
D5 C - Bachiatari Raptor
D5 Lt - Furugane Kaki
D6 C - Kuchiki Haku
D6 Lt - Volchitsa Smirnoff [MyangHime]
D7 C - Hagawa Miyabi [MyangHime]
D7 Lt - Sasagawa Minorin [MyangHime]
D8 C - Nanami Yuriye [AlbinoEisbaer]
D8 Lt - Nanami Shion [AlbinoEisbaer]
D9 C - Hanawa Yuki
D9 Lt - Butoukai Bob
D10 C - Samuke Sonja
D10 Lt - Karen [Jusace]
D11 C - Hagawa Hana
D11 Lt - Butoukai John
D12 C - Nakahara Eiichi [AlbinoEisbaer]
D12 Lt - Butoukai Tiger
D13 C - Sujihime Saoko
D13 Lt - Hagawa Shinta [MyangHime]
Omnitsukido C - Yamibuki Yorumei
Omnitsukido Lt - Butoukai Roy
Kido Corp Commander - Hoshidukiyo Hisakata [AlbinoEisbaer]
Kido Corp Second - Hung Lanfen
S.R.D.I Captain - Ekitai Aburako/Kiyomizu Umiko [AlbinoEisbaer]
S.R.D.I Lieutenant - Butoukai Cole
Royal Division C - Hagawa Hisame
Royal Division Lt - Sasagawa Kaitou

Del Rey, the king Bartiomel Baltimore
0 - Etenia Dyami [AlbinoEisbaer]
1 - Z-D
2 - Neziah [AlbinoEisbaer]
3 - Iskera De Pruina
4 - Blackfish the Espada
5 -
6 - Kuzame Ripperjaw
7 - Desolace Grimoire
8 - Keifer Cel
9 - Dom Dom P Teur

Antares/Arana [Nr 99, serving Bartiomel] [AlbinoEisbaer]
Whale The Guardian [Nr 125, serving Neziah]

Lanchios, former Primera and Cero, assumed dead.
Balkan, former Primera, assumed dead.
Zorro Devega, former Quatro, assumed dead.
Bon Bon, former Nueve, assumed dead.
Orcinus the Orca, drifter, former Primera.


Hagawa Gen
Hagawa Suijin
Hagawa Tengu
Hagawa Saisho
Yagyuu 'Black Star' Sasuke
Nagoyaka Yasamura
Amiki Mashin
Meikaze Kamimura

Yamabuchi Chourei
Yagyuu Reigen
Meduza Adelita

~Things I wait for~


:iconmyanghime: - In state of permanently commissioning. xD
:iconalbinoeisbaer: - Bob/Eiichi.
:iconkazekutrades: - Bartiomel/Antares/Arana meme. Headshot Gen and Hisame.
:iconptrades: - Sketches, Ironhide

(Probably forgotten some : I )


:iconrei-kiri: - Something-I-dont-remember-xD


:iconladyoftheseireitei: - Surprise Project; Miyabi, Bob, Lillitu and Akane.
:iconinkierose: - Spring Project; Volchitsa and Yuriye.




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Michael Lundin Johansson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Michael Lundin Johansson
Artist | Amatuer | Creator and Writer
Always Dancing ~

Hello people from near and far!

I'm Michael, also known as Lanokir or just Lano on dA and other sites.
I'm a n00b artist, that can't draw if so my life depended on it!
However, the more I write; many stories to be found, and ideas for them.
Drama, action, smut, romantic, comedy and much more do I write!

Crazy, supportive and nice. Trying at least!
Holding random contents, just because!
I'm the Ero-sennin, because a perv is always needed!
Love to take commissions too, so prepare for see amazing artz!

~ Active Projects ~
- Ghostball!
- Degeneration
- Bleach AU
- DiggerZ
- Tales of Eos

So welcome to my page! :la:
Art in ID by (C) Rush--it



Critique about Critique

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 7:19 AM

Hello all! : D

Here comes a lengthy post about... stuff. xD

So, lately have I found (and some friends showing me) lots of tumblr's blogs dedicated for Mary Sue's/Gary Stue's. The idea is primarily to give Critique, Reviews, Help and Suggestions for your OCs. All things I think sounds great, for many times, you ask yourself, is this well done or not? I like the idea of that, and I myself try to help people when they ask, either to give feedback, help with ideas or just spit-balling an already existing concept. To help and to make people improve, that I think is a great thing! That is the meaning of it all, to help each other out.

However, it get quickly depressing, when seeing many of this tumblr's showing their 'reviews' of OC's. At first, it seems okay but quickly, it escalate to dirt-throwing and simply bashing the OC and it's Creator. I've read some so called reviews that can be witty and funny, but also true and fair. And I've read some that is just pure hatred, because they hate the OC or/and the creator, for reasons. Most I've read on these tumblr's are of the second kind. 
It's like letting Gordon Ramsey out of the kitchen and put him to review OCs. It might be amusing at first, but like his shows, it quickly get old to see an old man cry angry words at others. Even worse, when those reviews often aim to mock the creator and OC, without any real feedback to it. Many times it's simply "This is ridiculous and plain fucking stupid!", and nothing else, nothing to actually improve but simply bash.
This is combined with the Tumblr's use of Gifs and other fun pics to crank up how funny they are while hating on someones work.

Many of these blogs, is about review others OCs, at least what they say. But what value does they have, if never SHOWN to the creator of the OC? Simply, because most of those reviews are done behind their back to simply mock their creations. Many don't want critique or feedback for their OCs, and thus I think you should accept that. You can have your opinion, of course! I do that too, and there is many OCs I don't like and think is badly developed, but I know can surely be improved. And I accept those that don't want the critique and feedback, it's simple as that. So why can't others do that? There is many that want feedback and critiques, but many times they aren't as fun to review I assume, because they WANT it.                     

The lack of respect of others creation and to actually harm others, makes me sad to see. Some people are more sensitive then others, and why not accept that? 
"Bah, they need to grow some skin on their nose!" Is the most common reply to that, quickly followed by "God damn PC culture killing all the fun..." Maybe it applies to you, but not all. Was it something I've learned as I grew up, was to tolerate others opinions, to accept peoples differences and respect those that deserve it. But hey, that's just me, hating others over the internet is more fun then being nice, which I assume is the sad truth of today. 

Many that get such harsh words, stop trying. Many need positive feedback to aspire and get better. I will take myself for an example; I'm not great at drawing, far from it. I started to actually draw when I was 25, rather late age so to say. But I still wanted to learn, and worked hard to improve. Even if I knew it was bad, did people still say it was nice to see, or gave positive feedbacks on what to improve. It inspired me to work harder and more, and I did improve.
Then I asked a friend to give feedback on my OC, as I worked hard to get a good and interesting design. What I got was "I have no words for it." in a negative manor. It was simple that. And it killed my inspiration to draw, it took me weeks to even try again, and even now, a year later, do I rarely draw because I just lost that inspiration, that will to draw and improve, because a bit of me wonder why does it matter? Because I got those words when I was in a very weak and depressive state, words that struck harder then anything.
There are those that get better with negative critiques, but many more just end up devastated and sad, losing their will to even work on it and improve. That is something people don't seem to think on when they write these negative and hateful reviews; how will it affect the creator? Maybe you got a few moments of fun and 10 minute of glory and satisfaction, but it can destroy the artist that created it for months, even years. 

Yet, with all this, is it little Tumblr will do to take works down and they stay up even if the artist and creator want it down, and the bloggers keep loading up more.

They justify it by the law of Fair Use, which is this;
"Fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship.”
I marked Criticism, as it's what they hide behind. By saying their blog is for Critique, is it all find and dandy. However, I think many of these so called reviewers don't know what Criticism and Critique really is, as many of them go from actually real critiques to bashing and verbal abuse of the creator. 

A criticism and critique is about analyse a content, either it's a text, movie, picture or music etc, and give a detailed review and evaluation of the piece of work. A review itself is based on good and bad critiques about something, and not simply just the negativity that people like to attack. The best critiques and reviewers are those that are neutral or keep a very professional sense and justice of their work in critique. Not like some people do here, as they take an OC they hate and spew out how much they hate it and all parts of it. This lead to another thing, turning from an actually attempt of critique to simple bashing.
Bashing itself isn't critique; its a verbal abuse against a work, a group of people or personal attacks. Something that is clearly not in the Fair Use law, if you don't want to count Bashing to research or something. 

That is the great issue with those so called Critiques and Reviewers; the idea is super good and I fully support it. I don't support how they execute it however, bashing others works with texts and put them up how they find fitting. That is, in my book, theft and against both Copyright and Fair Use, as such attacks can't and shouldn't be protected. 
I agree as I said before; there is characters, movies and works we don't lik and I can speak of it with friends. But I will never take someones work, write a review (aka bashing and edgy comments with how cool it is to hate it) and post it without even telling the creator, mocking them for my own amusement and see others laugh at it too. It's a huge difference, and sad one too. 

If you want to look like it, this is a critique of criticism on those tumblrs bloggers. It won't probably reach many readers, even less those people running and sending these 'reviews' to the tumblrs, but if it do, do I hope it can make you think over and think on what damage it actually can cause. If you want so badly write an review of an OC; why not kindly ask the artist of it? If a yes, write as your heart content. If a no, accept it and look for something else. Because I came to write this, as I've seen OCs and creations of my friends ending up on such tumblrs, some taking it harder then others. Be a better human then that.

It's a simple plea to accept others works, and write reviews with an understand what critique actually is, because what people is doing is abusing the word critique for their own amusement and hatred, risking that actual and real critique lose meaning. 

For those that have a REAL urge to write and dissemble an OC just to find flaws and hate; I have an entire gallery and hundred of OC's for you to knock yourself loose with. I don't mind it at all, hate and write your 'reviews' on them as much has your heart content, because I expect you to find something tasty to write about them. But be sure to link them to me, so I can have a good laugh to!
To those that want to give it a shot, I say;
So you can break them down.
Because I can take it.
Because my will is strong.
I'm a silent writer. 
A watchful friend.
A witty artist.

aWdwnlz by Lanokir 
"Bring it on beatches~"

// Warm feelz, Lanokir!

Ps. I'm tired, it's warm and think my brain melted half-way, but hope I got something right out of it and people also understand what I try to get across. 8D

Bleach Kombat; Season 2! Want it? Yay or Nay! 

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Lanokir has started a donation pool!
231 / 2,000
Any donation, how small it ever is, will be appreciated!

Oh you ~ <3

Kiriban at ----

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Importent & Amazing Friends

:heart::heart::heart: Thanks for being there and for all support! :heart::heart::heart:

Friends & Inspirations


Amazing artist I have commissioned/want to commission!


Amazing mangas and series!

Here is some of the amazing mangas I know people put enormous work into to create, and I know them and myself always will appreciate that you take a look at their work! :dummy:

Secret Soul
Secret Soul Volume 1 cover by WickedJuti by :iconwickedjuti:

Phantom Gods
PG - Ladykiller - title page by soi-scholla by :iconjeanette-black::iconsoi-scholla::iconkometenmelodie:

Homeward Journey
:thumb432020978: by :iconlifeseekerxl:

Fawrwlkelrk--- Waaaatch eeeeem!


Bleach Pairings

Some lovely, funny and amazing pairings and interaction between my and friends OCs!

Gen :heart: Lillitu
Tekken :heart: Yuriye
Orcinus :heart: Ventura
Raptor :heart: Hisakata
Bartiomel :heart: Antares :heart: Arana
Bob :heart: Eiichi
Kujira :heart: Eri
Zabuza :heart: Von Weiss
Aburako :heart: Umiko
Keifer :heart: Neziah

Hisame :heart: Miyabi
Wayne :heart: Volk
Kaitou :heart: Minorin
Kiba :heart: Natalia
Haku :heart: Volchitsa
Hana :heart: Hanshin
Springvale :heart: Vermillion

Ryusei :heart: Nabiki
Kaku :heart: Rin
Ironhide :heart: Svea
Muji :heart: Dom Dom :heart: Hitsuji

Saoko :heart: Kohaku

Yuki :heart: Watashi
Grimoire :heart: Vellix

Roy :heart: Himiko

Tiger :heart: Karen

Blackfish :heart: Kasumi
Yorumei :heart: Ryuu



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